i am a frontend web and mobile developer who crafts codes with passion.
featured project: waruung
Hello, My name is Ryan Setiagi, self-motivated Frontend Developers who love to learn new things. My background is telecommunication. I used to code on vim and i am bad at typing. Most recently, i was a student at telkom university (2016-2019). I want to love reading and writing as well. You can find @masbossun on every daily social media.

Waruung is food ordering platform. With waruung user can order kind of food, drink, baverages, etc from warung—indonesian minimart. Waruung has two different apps, for user and the merchant. Waruung mechant will sent. orders with their own express and fee.

With waruung, people can just order food easly.


Quran is the Muslim holy book, but because of the sanctity of the Quran, people sometimes choose to keep it in a cupboard rather than carryin it. What if everything can be accessed easily via a smartphone. Quran apps with a simple interface and easy to use, can be the choice of the people, to focus on worship.


With my colleague we made system that connect playgroup teacher with parents. Communcation is necessary, parents will happy if they know what their children achive everyday. Even teacher with ease can deliver information to parents before they skip.

For playrgroup firm, they also can give parents events or news in realtime.

Robert C. Martin, Clean Code:
A Handbook of Agile
Software Craftsmanship
Clean code is not written by following a set of rules. You don’t become a software craftsman by learning a list of heuristics. Professionalism and craftsmanship come from values that drive disciplines.